Musings of A Wannabe Special Effects MUA

Circa December 2013

2014 has just begun and I vow to do more special FX makeup! And I'd also like to save up and buy myself an airbrush makeup set and practice (at least I hope so)! 

As much as I like to beautify myself, I also enjoy looking scary. I am entertained by the comments made by my peers and I guess they're used to my antics. I dream of becoming better in doing special effects and all of us has to start somewhere. This love affair with horror movies has always been there as far as I remember. I remember enjoying Chuckie as a child and had nightmares about evil clowns. Me and my sister adored all things evil and bloody. It came to a point when we memorized almost every line from the iconic movie, The Exorcist (1973) and Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses (2003). If you know me personally, you won't be surprised by my dark interests; and you, dear reader, should start to get used to it (given if you're interested in this blog haha!).

Recently, I wanted to practice more on contouring and highlighting. I'm not perfect, I honestly still don't know how to flawlessly do it but I'm trying. Recently, I experimented how to contour and highlight with a ventriloquist dummy look. I wasn't fixated on the liner, brows and jaw part. Maybe I'll do another one in the future, with a more legit-looking dummy jaw. I painted the lower jaw area down until below my neck with black body paint. Since I didn't own a foundation darker than my skin tone, I opted for a creamy eyeliner such as L.A. Color's Eyebrow and Eyeliner in dark brown- I've just de-potted the pencil and placed it in an artist's palette. I don't get why it's an eyeliner in the first place, it's too creamy. So it spreads heavenly on the skin. On highlighting my skin I used a foundation lighter than my skin and set it with a white skimmery eyeshadow. Or better yet, just use a foundation that's up to 5 shades lighter than your skin. 

Circa October 2013

This year, I also tried doing gory stuff like fake wounds. If you want to see how I did this, refer to my blog post here. 


Back in 2012, I was more into using paint and colorful lipsticks. It was a time when I was still overly experimental with photography and I liked things trippy. 

Circa 2012

And oh, I started practicing with looking bruised.

Circa 2012

I had other silly stuff posted in my old blog and in my social media accounts but I'd rather hide them. I'm just too embarrassed. *blush*. So I've started to watch Lex of MadeYewLook  and Karla Powell, such inspirational and extremely talented artists! This year, after I am through with college, which I really hope (as of this writing) to finally graduate, I'd explore more and invest in more tools and makeup! Here's to hoping for a more creative tomorrow. 'Till then, bitches! :*