A Lovely Gesture

I know I should be writing for my thesis book but I just had to write about this.

This is a caricature made by a friend, Van Opura. I saw that he was making cute and quite accurate caricatures out of people he personally knew and posted them on Facebook. I shamelessly asked one for myself few weeks back and never really gave much thought about it after. Last night, after yet another fruitless and disappointing day I found this picture in my inbox. I really loved it so much that I had to blog about it. If you know me personally, I have a penchant for shirts with a low neckline (so that my round face wouldn't be emphasized so much) and the undying love for thick brows. And unruly hair. Loves it! I really like how he is able to place a sunny disposition among his subjects in this caricature series that he's doing. I honestly think he is one of the unsung artists in our university and other overrated dimwits should just step down. Oops. You can check out his blog here.

I really appreciate portraits made by fellow artists. Cliche' as it may sound, everyone sees the world differently and it's nice being able to know how others perceive you through their works.

This reminds me of a sketch made by my photography teacher years ago. Me and my friends would spend hours in his office talking about everything while drinking coffee. He really touched our lives too, he believed in our potential and made photography a no-brainer experience for everyone. He was one of those few mentors that allowed his seeds to grow in the wide field than housing them in a secluded flower pot. He's one of the reasons why I'm not afraid of exploring different art forms. Hats off to you, Sir Vega!

There are so many people I wish other people had the privilege of knowing, and so many minds I wish all of you will be able to explore. Till my next blog post, lovelies!