Special FX: Fake Wound

Want to make a wound that looks as if it hurts like a bitch? You won't believe how you can create this disgusting special FX technique with materials you have in your home!

This is a special fx tutorial that I've posted in my old blog for Halloween. Before anything else, please take note that  this tutorial is for photographic purposes only, I cannot assure you the makeup’s longevity during any engaged outdoor activity (like trick or treatin’ or sumthin!) or any other activity done during the humid weather.  This is easily washed off with soap and water. If you’re going to apply this on your face make sure to wash and cleanse thoroughly after.  Also note that it might hurt a little while taking it off of your face.

Materials used:
Skin mold consists of even parts (1:1) of the following:
  • Elmer’s glue stick (it’s tacky enough and safe for the skin)
  • Cornstarch
  • Small eyeliner brushes
  • Your fingers or sponge
  • Foundation/Concealer
  • Bloody Red Lipstick (for reference, NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White)
  • Matte black eye shadow
  • Children’s Face Sticks from National Bookstore (Less than Php 100.00), this consists of red, yellow, blue, green, black and white colors. It’s texture is similar to oil pastels. For reference, it’s something like this (I would’ve took a picture myself but my set of paint sticks look like shit already…)

But if you're going to do this on other parts of your body, I think it's safe to use oil pastels as long as they're non-toxic. You can get a creamier texture out of them with the help of petroleum jelley.


1.       When the mixture of glue and cornstarch is tacky enough, apply to chosen area. Form a line in between the mold, this will serve as the “opening” of your “wound”.
2.       Blend your foundation/concealer on the area to blend with your own skin.
3.       With a brush, apply the lipstick on the opening of the wound.
4.       For dimension, place the black eye shadow on the edge of the opening.
5.       Using a blue lipstick/paint stick, blend on the sides of the wound.
6.       Using an orange lipstick/paintstick, (in the case of the paint stick set I bought, since the primary colors are only available, I mixed the red lipstick with a yellow paint stick) blend the color with the blue color.
7.       Using the green paint stick, blend with the other colors.
8.       Using a brush, dab some of the red lipstick you used for your blood on the side of the wound to form dried out blood marks.
9.       Using a brush, dab some black eye shadow together with the red lipstick blood marks.

Now you’re ready to make your family and friends vomit! >:)