Product Review: Fashion 21 Duo Eye Enhancer

This is my first-ever product review! I'm starting to feel like a legit makeup blogger. :) Anyway, when I found out about Fashion 21's newest line of pencils through their Facebook page, and seeing that they had acceptable brow colors available, I knew I had to grab one for myself. Reading Lady Rattus' blog review about the product also made me want it even more. After checking the products out for myself, I chose to purchase the color Honey Blonde.

"Great for natural, fuller brows!"

First Impressions:
"Hala naay glitters!" (There are glitters!). But I didn't mind because judging from the looks of it, it would be a good eyes shadow base. 

Packaging, Branding Price:
I bought this for P125.00 at Ayala Center Cebu's Department Store. I don't think their usual target market would give it a go because the brand offers other multipurpose pencils at more than half of this price. This product line reminds me of Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil but unlike Nichido's product, the cap of the pencil has a brush. Convenient, yet I would not personally use it- I'd rather use a spoolie  (clean mascara wand) instead. Overall, I like the packaging and the way this product line was branded by the company because it doesn't look cheap. This can most-likely attract users who usually purchase higher-end drugstore brands. Long-time users of makeup could attest that the quality of a product matters more than how it's packaged but that's also true with other kinds of products in general. Fashion 21 has been consistent with their branding (Logo and typography) over the years but it does not reflect in their packaging. Or maybe that's just me. But considering their prices and the quality of their products, you can't complain. I also think this is also another marketing strategy in order not to intimidate their chosen demographic. Another good thing about it is that the manufacturing date is printed on the surface of the packaging as well.

Product Quality:
The texture reminds me of MAC's Impeccable Brow Pencils. It's waxy and adheres better if you're done with your foundation and powder. The color I chose was Honey Blonde but appeared to be  ashy or taupe. I didn't mind because I was looking for a color lighter than my hair color (Dark Ash Brown). If you would be alarmed by the glitters, especially when you're going to use it as a brow pencil, you'd be surprised how it makes your brow hairs look natural. Have you noticed how brow gels have shimmer in them? It's to make your hairs look three-dimensional and "real". If you dream of having fuller brows without the hassle (and expense) of using a tinted brow gel, this is your best bet. If you want to lock in the color opt for a clear gel or hairspray to set your brows in place. These days I use hairspray for my brows, and the color lasted all day on me. 

Though Fashion 21 claims that this line would be good for lining the eyes, I beg to disagree. As I've said earlier, this is good as an eye shadow base. Using it all over your lids without setting it with a powder eye shadow lasts up to 4 hours. Take note I had nothing on my face when I tested it as an eye shadow base, and that I have oily skin.  

Areas for Improvement:
They ought to print the ingredients on the pencil's surface instead of placing the details on the protective seal.

This Color Will Best Suit:
  • Women wwith black hair and fair complexion
  • Women with black hair and morena complexion
  • Women with dark-light brown hair and fair complexion
  • Women with dark, ash blonde hair and fair complexion
This Color Won't Look Good On:
  • Women with light brown- with red undertone hair and morena complexion
  • Women with light brown- with red undertone plus highlights and fair/morena complexion
Will I Buy Again?


Product Rating:

On My Brows

Without and With Flash

Hope this review was useful! Till next time :)