DIY Liquid Eyeliner

Ran out of liquid eyeliner? No sweat! With just a black eye shadow and water, you can have create a nice line! 

I find this trick easier since you can easily erase mistakes compared to the usual liquid and gel eyeliner formulas. This is also good if you’re on a budget! You can also use brown eye shadows or be adventurous with deep purples, blues and other colors you wish to use!

  • Water
  • Eye shadow color of choice (In2It Eyeshadow quad in Pink Alert)
  • Angled liner brush or a thin eyeliner brush (Angled brush from generic makeup brush set)

How to do it:
1. Add one to two drops of water on the surface of the eye shadow.
2. Dip your brush in water, and then swirl it onto the surface of the eye shadow.
3. Apply the product along your lashline and you’re done!
4. If you are using loose eye shadow pigments, simply apply one to two drops of water onto the lid of the eye shadow’s container, sprinkle some shadow and mix with your brush.

Originally posted at my old blog.