Product Review: Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor Coverface Concealer

 I think seeing this product in a blog or vlog post is nothing new. One day, my friend asked me if I was interested in buying since she was a supplier. I'm a college student and working at the same time so my earnings basically go to my daily expenses, plus I'm currently working on my thesis so there's no room for buying makeup (well, there shouldn't be!). I'm not the type to believe the hype but when I saw the post made by Shebby I was sold! 

 I'm not much of a concealer person since I'm reliant on foundation. My foundation is well, my foundation and also acts as an under eye concealer since liquid formulations work best in the eye area. If I wanted a fuller coverage, I'd layer a pressed powder foundation like Fanny Serrano's Two-Way Cake on top of any liquid foundation I'd use. I've honestly haven't been too conscious with my under eye circles or eyebags ever since an old friend thought that eyebags make one look distinct like Jack White. Kidding aside, I was just never a concealer person. I purchased this because from what I've read and seen, it can be used as a foundation- with proper application of course. I purchased this for only Php 600.00 got the shade 140 since according to blog reviews I've read, was closer to MAC's NC25 which is my shade. So here we go...

·         Full coverage. Perfect for flash photography and theatrical work.
·         Sturdy packaging.
·         Scent is okay, smells like herbal cream. Will not be apparent after application.
·         Lasts up to 6 hours without primer or setting spray.
·         Suitable for all skin types!

First of all, PRICE IS AN ISSUE HERE. Ever since I got my hands on my own Naturactor concealer, I couldn't stop yapping about it. I'd tell my friends who liked makeup about it, and even encouraged those who didn't use makeup at all to get one. Believe the hype, it is good. But I'll get to that in a bit. Earlier today I had a shoot for my friend's t-shirt business and a  reputable makeup artist  here in Cebu was there to assist one of the models. I asked her about it since I knew she uses high-end products. And she was like, girl, that's worth for only Php 250.00! She orders her makeup products like Urban Decay from outside the country so I know that she knows what she was talking about. I shat bricks. I've read blogs and compared prices from different reputable online re-sellers. I've seen prices like 650, 750, 780, 850.... so far my friend was the only person who sold it the cheapest for Php 600.00. My gosh. Sure, we have to pay for export and shit so it would be justifiable if it were sold for Php 300-400.00+. So yeah. The difference is quite significant! But so far I have no regrets because I'm liking this a lot! If I didn't like this plus with what I've learned earlier today, I'd go ballistic!

Packaging of Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor. Got the shade in 140.
Packaging and branding:
 The product is housed in a dainty box printed in a glossy and matte finish (Wonder how much the company spent on the box alone,). Everything's written in Japanese so I sugguest checking out Meiko Cosmetics' website for the ingredient information. Overall, I like how this is branded, it's simple and no-fuss. I just wish there was an English translation of the product information.

 The actual product is contained in a plain white circular container, and is open or sealed through twisting the cap. The packaging's material is made of hard plastic. The product's name and a simple linear detail is printed around the product's cap. The shade's name and information can be found at the bottom of the product. I think the container is sturdy and won't break if ever you would accidentally drop this. I'm just worried about the label fading over the long run, and I get very irritated over superficial reasons like that. (That's just me!)

One touch and this is how the pigmentation looks like!

  1. Highly pigmented. A little goes a long way.
  2. Perfect for flash photography and theatrical work.
  3. Scent is similar to green tea, but faint. Will not be apparent after application.
  4. Perfect as a powder foundation base.
  5. Blends well.
  6. Dries to a matte finish. 
  7. Suitable for all skin types. I have oily skin and this lasted up to six hours on me without wearing a primer or setting it with a setting spray.
  8. Perfect for freelance or professional artists.
  9. Comparable to high-end products.
  10. Sturdy packaging.
  1. Overpriced here in the Philippines.
  2. Darker shades are not available here in the Philippines. I've seen the darker shades available aside from the usual 130, 140, 141, 151 and 171 around online. 
  3. Shade spectrum- it's either too light, too pink or too dark. Make sure to get your right shade before buying!
  4. Though it may be suitable for all skin types, just make sure to moisturize your face for better application.
  5. Will look too harsh in natural light when you use too much. Use in moderation and on problem areas only.

Will I buy again?

I'm interested in the 151 shade and the correcting shade 171. I'd definitely buy more when I have the money, and all the more I would buy when it's priced right.


1. Blemish without the product.
2. Product is swatched on top of the blemish.
3. Product when blended over the blemish.

  • This is great for a powder foundation base- perfect for flash photography. Apply to your problem areas and blend with a damp sponge. You're surely going to get a nice, matte full-coverage makeup!
  • Your best bet for blending this over imperfections is a clean ring finger or a blending brush. Make sure your skin is moisturized or primed.
  • It sets perfectly with Palladio's Rice Powder or cornstarch (basically the same thing!)